Supermarkets & Grocery Stores

We help Retail Food Services boost competitiveness and gain more ground

How our solution helps Retail Food
businesses capture more market share
Diversify & Improve Quality for Prepared Food
Our Cloud Recipe enables businesses to access authentic and diverse menu options, and allows updates for existing ones with ease.
The built-in computer also ensures that the taste and quality for each dish is replicable.
Drive Sales with Cross-Merchandising
Businesses can incorporate our robots to showcase food/ingredients from other departments during the food preparation process, creating a unique in-store experience for customers and ultimately driving sales.
Environmentally Sound & Waste-Reducing
Our all-electric solution reduces overall reliance on gas consumption, providing an eco-friendly and regulatory-compliant alternative.
The precision control of our robots minimizes food waste, resulting in reduced operational costs for businesses.
Walmart (China)
“We were given 3 months to turn things around during COVID. Thanks to BOTINKIT, we’ve improved quality and variety, ensured consistency, created a menu tailored to a diverse consumer base, and survived the pandemic.”
Inconsistent taste and quality due to labor shortages caused by the pandemic
Limited product offerings leading to customers seeking alternatives
Inability to diversify menu options, such as low-fat dishes, gluten-free options, etc.
It was always the same stuff
Low brand loyalty due to limited dish options with a menu that rarely updates.
Inconsistent Taste & Quantity
Difficulty in hiring experienced chefs, and training unexperienced staff members can take days/weeks. Hard to guarantee consistency.
High Energy Consumption
Traditional gas/electric stoves with little to no control over energy consumption
Excessive Manual Interventions
Excessive amount of time spent cleaning/scrubbing the pot by hand after each cook, with no guarantee of production hygiene when relying on manual interventions in conventional kitchens.
More options, more happy customers
Easy access to a cloud recipe tailored to your store with insights about customer preferences. Allows new SKUs/dishes updated weekly and shared across all robots in-store.
Consistent Output
Ensures consistent quality, with each dish taking less than 30 seconds of manual intervention, reducing food waste by 50%. User-friendly, allowing part-timers to operate without excessive reliance on chefs
All-electric solution with nearly 40% reduction in energy consumption.
Automated Cooking & Cleaning
Provides a higher level of hygiene through automated cooking and cleaning, which are made visible for the customers. The automation also frees up more resources, allowing staff members to focus on other aspects of the operation.