Restaurants & Cafes

Experience streamlined kitchen operations and grow globally

How Restaurants and Cafes can
leverage BOTINKIT technology
Consistent Output & Flavor
Our precise temperature, seasoning control reduces uncertainty and variability in traditional kitchens, ensuring perfectly cooked dishes. Ultimately leads to increased customer loyalty, while also being cost-effective.
Cloud Recipe & Standardized Operations
The Cloud Recipe and standardized operations allow for easy access to recipes and menu updates, and enable staff to operate multiple devices with ease. Together ensuring consistency and quality across different locations.
Reduced Management Demands for Scalability
The automated operations and business intelligence tools enable businesses to streamline their operations, freeing up resources to focus on expanding globally and capitalizing on new opportunities in the competitive market.
Delibowl is a Singaporean fast-food Sichuan delicacies that
specializes in healthy and customizable bowls, offering a variety
of fresh ingredients and sauces to suit every customer's taste.
“When it comes to product development, now I only pay remote chefs for every single dish for one time, instead of hiring them to physically work in our store.”
-- Jerry Liao, Founder of Delibowl (Singapore)
Challenges in creating and maintaining trendy and health-conscious dishes
Inconsistent quality control across different locations due to low digitalization in kitchen operations
Lack of an integrated digital solution for POS, cooking, ingredient usage, and food delivery logistics, leading to inefficient operations.
Limited chef resources and high operational costs
Inconsistent taste and quality due to a high level of human intervention involved
High food wastage and material costs
Traditional gas/electric stoves with little to no control over energy consumption
Reduced reliance on experienced chefs with our automated solution, allowing one staff operating up to 3 robots simultaneously.
Standardized recipes and cooking processes, with a highly customizable Cloud Recipe
Reduced wastage and optimized material usage
All-electric solution with nearly 40% reduction in energy consumption.